Understanding Community Activism

Activism means different things to different people. In general, activism consists of efforts to promote and facilitate social, political, economic or environmental change. The term may apply broadly to anyone who engages in community activism, even it is briefly, or more narrowly to those for whom it is a vocation. Activism can be enacted through individual, group or organisational action. For the purpose of this project, we have applied the broader interpretation as activism being quite simply as taking action to `affect social change`.

Black Community Activism
Black Community activism is undertaken by those that see a need to take action and challenge inequalities based on ethnicity, where ethnic minority communities are discriminated against and disadvantaged due to the colour of their skin.

This could involve leading on campaigns for better and more inclusive services, to challenging failures and seeking redress when things go wrong. It could be providing valuable, social and recreational activities to reduce loneliness and isolation or developing community projects that support the vulnerable to build skills, knowledge and capacity (e.g. around education, employment, health and well-being).

In conclusion, anyone from a black and minority ethnic background, that has taken some form of action to benefit others, can be a black community activist. Just before going to print, we heard the sad news of the death of Nelson Mandela, who was intemationally renowned as one of the world's greatest activists and campaigners for social justice, so we dedicate this website to his legacy.