Rufia Ashraf
Rufia started working within the community in 2001, as a qualified social worker and a strong advocate for gender equality and in particular against domestic violence. Through her activity, she has ensured that service delivery is followed through, from start to finish, so women are not left alone and isolated. Throughout the years, her work and commitment have improved the confidence, well-being and independence of many women. As a social activist, she doesn`t want to gate keep her experience, but wishes other people to benefit from her expertise. Rufia sees the lack of funding and resources as an on-going issue, which often has an impact on service delivery and women`s rights. She gives as an example the Asian community, where women are still suffering in violent and abusive relationships, but cannot leave due to cultural and religious pressures. Rufia has found her voice whilst working with BME women and has reached many people across Northampton.