Yasmin Nazir
YYasmin is currently the Chief Executive of Derby Women`s Centre which supports and counsels women dealing with issues such as domestic violence or mental health problems. Yasmin`s community work goes back many years and has significantly improved the lives of numerous women and their families. Inspired by the needs and challenges faced by her own family, she became passionate about working with people and tries to make a positive difference in the lives of her local community. The biggest challenge her community faces, Yasmin says, is the fact that women are still disrespected and treated unequally. Although a significant progress has been made over the years, Yasmin considers that these problems still persist in areas such as health, employment and housing. Yasmin Nazir / Play videoWhen talking about the achievements she is most proud of, Yasmin mentions the recent acquisition of a new building for Derby Women`s Centre which will hopefully secure the future of the organisation and its services. She considers that the young generation has a huge potential to shape their future and the future of service delivery and she therefore encourages them to better informed and more active in their local communities.