Joe Montgomery
Originally from Nottingham, Joe is the Chief Executive of Urban Land Institute (Europe), a professional organisation which promotes sustainable building and helps people develop cities and communities. Growing up in a neighbourhood such as St Ann`s Nottingham, where people looked after each other and supported one another, Joe feels that being active in his local community has always been part of who he is and finds community activism is normal. He has been deeply inspired by his mother, who used to help those who could not read or write send letters home to their families in the Caribbean. Joe has noticed that younger generations are more individualistic and sometimes forget that they share the same background and aspirations.
He considers that members of his community at times overlook the fact that the reason they emigrated to the United Kingdom was to better themselves and take full advantage of educational and employment opportunities. Despite this, Joe thinks that if people work together and always remember their motivations and purposes, they will overcome challenges and improve their future.