Jagdev Kaur Gill
Jagdev has been an active member of the Leicester community for the past 21 years, advocating for change and improving community services. Her work mainly revolves around helping set up different community initiatives and activities, particularly within the Sikh community. Jagdev moved to the UK from India in 1966 and she immediately began supporting and educating Indian women who could not speak English. Throughout her career, Jagdev has fulfilled an impressive number of important positions, such as chairperson for the Leicester Sikh Centre, school governor and member of the police committee.
Although trained as a health visitor in India, Jagdev had to redo her training in order to obtain qualifications that were UK recognised. However, her biggest achievement must be, undoubtedly, being one of the founding members of the Leicester Sikh Community Centre, that offers members of the Sikh community a spiritual home, as well as enabling them to take part in workshops and exercise classes.