Jessica Chimuka
Jessica has been working with the Derby community for many years, informing and helping her community to adapt more easily in the wider society. As an asylum seeker herself, she knows that many refugees live in fear and find trusting other people difficult. She wanted to help these people to improve their social relationships, access education, get jobs and better themselves. Jessica was inspired by her own story to become an active member in her community. When she first arrived in the UK, she faced difficulties in finding a job, seeing her children and being able to study. As she used to work as a teacher in her home country Zimbabwe, Jessica knows how powerful information can be, therefore she wanted other people to benefit from her knowledge and experiences.
Jessica considers that the biggest challenge members of her community face at the moment is settling down when coming to the UK for the first time. Looking for a job, managing finances and trying to integrate in the wider society can all be very challenging for asylum seekers, so she knows that any help can make a great difference in these people>s lives. On this note, she considers that her greatest achievements are becoming someone who members of her community can rely on when they need advice and also enriching her own life through community work. Jessica is perfectly aware of the fact that sometimes the younger generation doesn`t share the same passion for community work as she does. Consequently, she encourages them to be more active in their local community, as changing someone`s life is an invaluable experience. Young people have the potential to come together and improve their knowledge in order to become assets for their communities.