Faith Gakanje
Faith represents the African Women Empowerment Forum in the UK, a Nottingham based organisation, which advocates on women`s issues and challenges social policies regarding refugees and asylum seekers. When Faith moved to England, she had to face a multitude of social labels, which she found unjust. Inspired by her circumstances, she started working towards building a system that welcomes and helps immigrant women into British society. In 2010, Faith was granted leave to remain in the UK and she now successfully runs five businesses that support refugee women. The founding of these enterprises is one of Faith`s greatest accomplishments.
Also, she is proud of having run campaigns that have enabled black women to remain in the UK, get a job, apply for education and get their children out of detention centres. Faith observes that `being black is a big issue in a white society. Racism has been a great concern for many years and needs addressing if we are to integrate successfully.`