Chris and Tariq have been working with the Leicester community since 2004, as they felt that the opportunities for people of black heritage were very limited. In 2005, they set up the `Black Future Group`, an organisation that works with young people. As founders of the group, they have successfully run a series of events, mainly aimed at helping young people gain valuable skills, from catering to event hosting and photography. Tariq and Chris structured the events as debates targeting issues that the black community faced at the time, featuring guest speakers and key service providers from all over the country.
As part of their initiative, they organised `Black Future Day`, a one-day event meant to bring the Leicester African Caribbean youngsters together. The event was created as a way of enabling young people to know each other and each other`s cultures, whilst celebrating prosperity and having a good time. `Black future day` attracted over 700 people and proved to be a real success. `Believing in something and building a legacy is more important and more enriching than money can ever be,` Tariq and Chris say, as they urge the youngsters to follow their dreams and not give up on who they want to be, irrespective of the obstacles they encounter on the way.