Anjona Roy
Anjona Roy is the Chief Executive of Northamptonshire Rights and Equality Council, an organisation which supports victims of discrimination and offers them legal advice and representation. Her work has informed the wider community about civil rights and has helped those dealing with hate crime overcome a difficult time. Anjona and the organisation she runs have managed to get justice through legal routes for a significant number of individuals, as well as preventing hate crimes from happening. Anjona feels privileged to work in an area she is passionate about. However, she sees the lack of funding as a major issue that leads to successful organisations, such as immigration centres, to be closed down.
She considers people face real challenges (some of them of economic nature) when trying to complain about discrimination. However, the "veritable onslaught" that targets vulnerable communities can be overcome by constantly challenging social policy. Anjona knows that this can be difficult, but she thinks it is a cause worth fighting for.